Project Description

Coil inserting machine

“Machine for the insertion of coils of copper wire into the stator stack.

The coils can be created using the coil winding machine and placed directly in the insertion equipment (head of the inserting machine) or in special coil winding loader device to be transferred into the insertion equipment.

The stator stack, complete with slot insulators, is placed on the insertion equipment and the stator stack’s two locking arms close automatically.

The machine inserts the wire coils into the stator and positions the slot closure insulating panels using a movable buffer.

The slot closure insulating panels, whose length is programmable, are prepared by the machine at each end of the insertion cycle and are stored in a rotating drum positioned behind the insertion head.

The insertion equipment is made from special mirror finish steel.

The insertion equipment can be changed over in approximately 25/30 minutes and the stack height can be changed in approximately 5 minutes.

The electrical control panel is located on the machine.

Alternatively, it can be supplied with a separate electrical control panel.

The framework of the machine is made from thick tubular steel that has been treated and stabilised.”