Project Description

Concentric coil winding machine

“Vertical machine for the production of concentric copper coils.

The copper wire can be wound directly into the insertion equipment or in special coil winding loader device to transfer to the insertion equipment.

The coils are automatically subdivided in the insertion equipment or the loader device according to the number of poles to be wound.

The number of turns per coil, as well as the transfer and cutting of the connecting wire, can be programmed using the keyboard.

The machine can wind stators with 2/4/6/8/12 poles.

The height of the stator stack can be varied via computer.

The winding equipment is designed according to the type of winding to be carried out, the pitch/number of poles to be wound and the type of stack used.

For each type of stack and pitch/pole, a dedicated piece of equipment must be used.

The coil winding equipment is made of anodised aluminium and mirror finish steel pins.

The equipment can be changed over in approximately 30 minutes.

The electrical control panel is located on the machine with the screen positioned in front of the operator.

The framework of the machine is made from thick tubular steel that has been treated and stabilised.”