Project Description

Needle winding machine

“Needle winding machine for straight or inclined slots, with coil stratification

The machine winds the required number of turns directly into the slot, whether straight or inclined, both internal and external diameters.

This machine represents the future for electric motors. Winding into the lamination stack slot can offers savings of up to 30% in terms of copper wire consumption.

It is able to wind high efficiency stators without leaving any protruding copper wires, which have to be flattened and cut down to size; the phases do not need to be bound or separated with an insulating material.

The machine offers an optimum slot filling coefficient and the wire is arranged in a very orderly manner, not randomly like a conventional winding machine.

The movement of the machine axes, driven by brushless motors, is carried out by means of recirculating ball screws and precision linear guides.

This machine is equipped with 4-axis Fanuc CNC controls and carries out the winding cycle completely automatically until the copper wire is cut.

It offers complete programming freedom, so you can decide where to anchor the initial starting wire before winding, whether to run the cycle clockwise or anticlockwise, and all the necessary position changes to complete the process.

The framework of the machine is made from thick tubular steel that has been treated and stabilised.”