Project Description

Shaping-Pre-shaping machine

“Machine for the shaping of copper wire coils in the stator stack.

After the coils are inserted into the stator, their ends remain closed at one end of the lamination stack, while at the other they are shaped into a ring with an internal diameter equal to that of the insertion equipment.

They therefore require preliminary shaping.

The machine carries out preliminary shaping/pre-shaping by means of a shaping cone, which widens the internal diameter of the coils and compresses them so that the coiled copper wires conform to the desired dimensions at both ends of the stator stack.

If necessary, the wire can be compressed in the slot using special blades.

The machine can be manufactured vertically or horizontally.

The equipment can be changed over in approximately 20 minutes.

The height of the stator stack can be varied by changing the position of the limit switch that regulates the machine’s stroke length.

The electrical panel is located on the machine and the panel for entering data is in a position to be easily read and modified by the operator.

The framework of the machine is made from thick tubular steel that has been treated and stabilised.”
La struttura della macchina è in tubolare d’acciaio di grosso spessore, trattato e stabilizzato.