Project Description

Slot insulation machine

“Machine for the production of slot insulators for stator stacks, shaping and cutting the insulating material according to the shape, manufacture and length of the slot.

Once it has been cut, the insulator can be pushed into the lamination stack slot in such a way as to automatically fill all the slots in the stator.

The stator can also be loaded and unloaded using a robotic system.

The machine is ideal for high productivity lines thanks to its short cycle time.

The height of the insulator can be varied automatically via computer.

The shaping and cutting mould is designed specifically for the type of stack to be insulated.

The parts of the cutting and shaping moulds are made of tempered steel designed for moulds.

Changing the equipment from one type of stack to another takes 15/20 minutes.

The electrical control panel is located on the machine and the panel for entering data is in a position to be easily read and modified by the operator.

The framework of the machine is made from thick tubular steel that has been treated and stabilised.”